Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bay Area Botox Is a Browlift Right for You?

Do you ever wonder how celebrities like Demi Moore, Halle Berry or Jennifer Anniston manage to look so young? Do you also wonder what their bizarre secrets are in keeping their skin from looking saggy or stretched out?

These ladies are over their forties and to many of us still look like they are in their early to mid thirties. It seems rare that these women could look so young for their age and many of us may be inclined to believe it’s genetics that make them look so good says San Francisco cosmetic surgeon.
These ladies spend a lot of time to looking fantastic with a combination of eating a healthy diet, exercising and also by going through cosmetic treatments to improve their skin to look youthful naturally. While you cannot stop or even reverse the aging process with current medical technology you can improve frown lines and burrows of the forehead with a browlift or forehead lift say San Francisco facelift specialist.

A browlift or forehead lift provides a more youthful look to the eyebrows and upper eyelids by correcting drooping of the eyebrows. According to Bay Area eyelid surgery expert, this procedure can often provide a solution for patients who constantly look tired or sad. The appearance is primarily due to sagging of the outer one-third of the eyebrow and results in crow’s feet and redundancy of tissue just outside the corner of the eye in the temple area ultimately creating a tired look. Treating this area by lifting the temple and outer third of the eyebrow can produce a rested energetic appearance. You can simulate the affect of a browlift by placing your palms at the outer edge of your eyes above your eyebrows and gently raise the skin upward while looking in a mirror. Along with raising the brow, various muscles that contribute to frowning can be treated to soften the vertical frown lines above the nose. These are the same lines that temporarily respond very well to botox says San Francisco botox expert.

There are many techniques that can be used to perform a browlift. In traditional or “open” techniques, a larger incision is used that is placed all the way across the scalp from ear to ear, either behind the hairline or just in front of the hairline. This incision allows the forehead tissues to be lifted and the muscles to be treated, all giving a smoother, more youthful appearance. The technique works very well but results in a large scar and some scalp numbness. Newer techniques focus on several small incisions that are hidden very well in the scalp. Along with the improved scar, numbness is usually not a problem and results can be equally as good. The newer techniques may or may not use an endoscope which is a camera that can assist with visualization through these smaller incisions. The muscles can also be treated as in the “open” technique. There are many variations of these less invasive techniques but as a whole, these techniques are more popular today than the traditional open browlift.