Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Enhance your Natural Features with Plastic Surgery

Bay Area Plastic SurgeonThe San Francisco Bay Area boasts a number of excellent healthcare facilities, including the California Pacific Medical Center and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. However, when you are more interested in cosmetic care, you may wish to turn to the services of a qualified San Francisco plastic surgeon. To find the best surgeon, the first task is to narrow down the procedures that you are most interested in. Generally, surgeons will either specialize in facial procedures or bodywork, but many will do both.

If you wish to improve the contours of your face, then you will need to find a professional San Francisco or Bay Area plastic surgeon that is well versed in the specific techniques that are used in today's facelift procedures. For a basic facelift, small incisions are made along the hairline, and then the skin is lifted and stretched, with any excess parts of it trimmed off. This leaves you with a new silhouette to your face that can enhance cheekbones and make your eyes stand out more. It also can help iron out any fine lines and wrinkles, for a younger appearance. This is only the most basic procedure, however, as today's surgeons can also utilize laser technology and techniques such as Botox to enhance results.

In addition to a basic facelift, another way that cosmetic surgery can impact your facial appearance is through eyelid modification. With a San Francisco blepharoplasty, a surgeon will remove excess skin or fat from your eyelids. This can improve any drooping or sagging in that part of the face, giving you a fresher appearance. To help enhance these results, the surgeon can also reinforce the muscles and tendons around the eye. This will help support the weight of the skin and ensure that your eyelids stay perky and youthful, for a more wide-eyed appearance that can either compliment a facelift or stand on its own.

With the help of a surgeon, you can learn more about what procedures will best enhance your particular qualities. The best surgeons are trained to recognize that every unique body and face is beautiful, and know the best ways to enhance that beauty with the help of surgical procedures. A San Francisco facelift can bring your features into a greater overall harmony, and revitalize your appearance. After you have decided which procedures that you are most interested in, you can then discuss your options in greater detail and ask any questions during a consultation.