Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon – Giving The Best Rhinoplasty Results

San Francisco is ranked the 13th most populous city in the United States that makes it suitable for the San Francisco plastic surgeons to set up their shops and practice in the city. With the city considered to be one of the top tourist destinations and top producing cities in the world, the residents of the city have high living standards. This may include looking good all the time requiring going for various cosmetic procedures for the face, breast, body and skin. One such widely performed procedure is rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty comes under the cosmetic procedure for face that is usually performed to reshape the nose. It may help to reduce or increase the bridge of the nose, change the shape, size and angle of the tip, change the shape of the nostrils, straighten a crooked nose and improve breathing, shorten or lengthen the nose as well as alter the projection of nose.

Rhinoplasty San Francisco performed may be either open or closed. In an open rhinoplasty, the nasal skin may be peeled back to expose the cartilages of the nose. On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty doesn’t show any visible outside scars. However, regardless of the technique used, the procedure separates the skin of the nose underneath the bone and cartilage and sculpts them giving the desire shape.

A person wanting to undergo rhinoplasty should know that the procedure may only improve their appearance a little and not change the whole look. The changes made may be possible up to an extent and depends on a person’s anatomy. What was earlier performed for fixing deformities because of trauma or birth defects is now increasingly used for breathing problems. Like with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty may also carry possibilities of risk that may include bleeding and nasal infection. However, these may be controlled with medications. In some cases, the patient may feel temporary breathing problem that occurs because of swelling.

The procedure starts with the patient fasting for 8 hours prior to the surgery. If medications are prescribed, they may take few sips of water. The San Francisco plastic surgeon may then administer anesthesia that may relieve the patient of any pain. It may take 2-3 hours to complete the surgery after which the nose is covered with tape and splint. For a few days after surgery, the patient may feel discomfort for which they may be given medication. Also, there may be some bloody drainage from nose that’s pretty normal. The patient may require abstaining from strenuous activity and for the first week may be asked to keep their head elevated all the time. The dressing may be removed after a week with appearance of swollen nose that may go away in 3-4 weeks.


Friday, April 13, 2012

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon - How Experienced Is Your Surgeon?

It is not always easy to choose a board certified plastic surgeon San Francisco, but it is always worth it.Did you know that the very same people who perform things like face lift and rhinoplasty surgery also handle breast enlargement San Francisco? Perhaps you have been putting off breast augmentation because you are worried about potential side effects or do not quite know how to evaluate whether your surgeon is really the right one for you. If so, there are a few ways to put your mind at ease and help yourself to make the right decision. Here are a few thoughts says San Francisco rhinoplasty surgeon:

First of all, know that any San Francisco plastic surgeon is a “real” medical doctor just like the others that you visit for your medical concerns. On top of an average of more than four years of medical school, such a doctor gains years of additional training in things like breast enlargement San Francisco. This experience usually comes as the younger surgeon is partnered with a more skilled one, as part of a small to mid-sized practice. The training regimen for an up and coming surgeon involves not only observing and helping with procedures, but also aesthetic training for the most beautiful results.

Second, you should also be aware that a good San Francisco plastic surgeon practices the highest standards of safety available. Especially when it comes to breast enlargement San Francisco, you may have heard controversies about whether the breast augmentation technology is safe. Put simply, no worthwhile surgeon in San Francisco or anywhere else in Southern California would consider putting you at risk with a dubious procedure. The professional safety standards in California are notoriously high – easily some of the highest in the entire United States – and even a minor infraction can be serious. Of course, there is no such thing as “minor” when it comes to your health!

Last, but certainly not least, a San Francisco plastic surgeon can help you with many things other than breast enlargement San Francisco, as mentioned above. Sure, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of a surgeon’s work when it comes to the chest. However, he or she should also have testimonials and a gallery of “before and after” photos to show you. These may be displayed online, or there may be a photo album that the surgeon makes available to customers. This will show you hard evidence that you can get a great cosmetic experience from this practice. Then, you can weigh your options more carefully.